I am so excited today that first, we are debuting our new website and blog (yay!), second it is my debut as a contributor to the wonderful wedding blog Every Last Detail (also yay!), and finally to share this amazing film with you! We have some catching up to do on blogging but I simply can’t wait to share this one any longer. There is something about this film that just absolutely will warm your heart and make you smile.

Robert and Petra had an absolutely stunning wedding day but just from being around them we instantly knew that for them, at the end of the day, the flowers and the cake, all the little details wouldn’t matter because they were finally getting married. I in all honesty have never seen two people so excited for the actual moment where they seal their marriage with a kiss and it was adorable.

I spent the morning with Petra and all she could talk about was Robert and how excited she was to see him and how cool he is and how he is her one and only. Alex spent the morning with Robert and my understanding is, it was exactly the same, all talk about how much he loves Petra.

This woodsy whimsical wedding had the most fun decor and details from the guestbook trees with twitter birds to hang with advice for the newlyweds to the smores bar at the reception and me personal favorite, the “She’s My World” “I’m His” signs on the back of their chairs at their receptions.

But, you know I always love telling you how our lovebirds fell in love- so here is their story!

Robert’s Story

We met January 29, 2011. Knew it was love at first sight. Immediately rushed to the altar hoping to forego all of these matters. Of course that’s not exactly how the story went.
It all started back in eternity past. When God chose to create man and…. My bad. I went a little too far back. It went a little…like this…

It was a busy Saturday for me. It was 5th Sunday and I had to take the youth from Starke to the district meeting in Gainesville. Due to having a very back and forth life between Jacksonville and Gainesville, I wasn’t dressed in my best attire and was forced to wear sweats and an oversized tshirt. Funny how you DON’T have to dress to impress eh!!! Little did I know I would be meeting my future wife looking so disheveled. Oh well…fate was not to be denied this day. We were there to see Carla, a mutual friend, speak and we quickly introduced ourselves. She was cool I thought. Period. (I’ll also add that she was quite cute…(after she just struck me in the chest for not adding that she was more than just cool)…Owww!)

I had resolved in my mind that I would not date during my MBA studies. Life was too busy to add anything or anyone else. I made sure to let her and all the other lovely women who thought it was time I settle down know this in very plain and respectful terms after the presentation.
With the presentation over, it was time for Petra to head out. I walked her out the side entrance while cracking one of my patented jokes©.
She laughed. I still had no intention of getting to know her any further. The day was going along quite well.
I stood on the front steps of the church as she spoke to Carla. I was admiring what fine weather we were having on that glorious Saturday. And then….as I saw Petra walking away… I thought, I must get to know this girl.

(In my mind: “Dude we just went over this a few minutes ago. You are NOT dating anybody until 2012 or later! Period! Get it together! Annnddddd….Break!)
The pep talk didn’t change a thing… I quickly moved past it and knew what I had to do….only I didn’t know how I was going to do it.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to go about introducing myself without coming across as lame. And we didn’t even run in the same circles so it would be so obvious if I just popped up and tried to get to know her. But, to my surprise, several of my friends had the same idea (shout out to Devin and Yhanique) and the wheels began turning (Chance? I think not! The good Lord is always on His job). Within a week I had the digits and was ready to call.

The Call – February 9, 2011
Ring….ring….ring….VOICEMAIL!!! So I left a message. I thought I sounded cool. Ask her for the details. Fortunately, she called back (so I must have sounded cool, right). We talked for a few minutes before each of us walked into church and agreed that we’d talk later that night. Well, we talked later that night. And that night quickly became the next morning, but good conversation has no time limit. So after 3 days in a row of talking till 5 in the morning, I decided that I must meet this girl cuz she was sounding too good to be true.

The Date – February 12, 2011
We decided to meet for sushi at Fuji Hana in Gainesville. Ok…I’ll admit it…I was a tiny bit nervous. I’d just invested 24 hours worth of conversation with this girl in the past 3 days and was thinking that it was possible that we’d be better on the phone than in person. I was proven wrong…AGAIN!!! (I’m starting to trend) After she showed up a little bit late (I understand baby…girls gotta do their makeup before the first date with their future husband ;)), we walked around, chatted in my car and finally ate. And what a meal it was! She enjoyed the sushi and the way I devoured my meal. I admired her beauty, intellect and warmth of personality from across the table and often caught myself staring at her.

Alright! I’m sprung! And I had no doubt that she was the one! This was just the start and what a road we’ve travelled so far. It’ll be a mere 20 months when we say our “I do’s” and I’m ready for the next great adventure with Mrs. Petra Pindar by my side.
A lady worth the wait and infinitely more.
Thank you Jesus.

Petra’s Story

Hmmm let’s see… babe got most of our story right… thanks to my careful watch LOL

We did meet on January 29, 2011 at an event that Carla was speaking at however, that was (apparently) NOT our first meeting. After careful research we discovered that we had met years earlier in 2007 and had a small conversation over FaceBook and wished each other happy birthday. What is odd is that neither of us remembers this conversation or any contact. Strange how God will put your blessing in your lap and you STILL have to wait to unwrap it ;-)

It is also true that he was quite disheveled when we officially met and because of this I immediately wrote him off as a goofy young guy. In fact, I thought he was younger than me!! Go figure that he’s older than I am!! I thought that he was funny and a pretty nice guy. Nothing more nothing less. Ok wait… I did notice that he was kind of attractive…

Interestingly, I too had recently made a personal commitment to focus on finishing law school and stay away from relationships until I had the time to learn what I really wanted. Now babe, if I remember correctly there were three of us given that speech about settling down and giving love a chance… none of us were listening LOL it was not just directed at you ;-)

A little over a week later on February 9, 2011 I received a phone call from my friend/big sis, Yhanique (talk about ironic) and the FIRST thing that she said when I answered the phone was “are you ready to be found?” I burst out laughing. It’s true. I am ashamed. As the conversation continued I realized that she was talking about the twin of HER boyfriend (now husband!!)… and while everything she said was wonderful I told her that I did NOT want the third wheel lol… her reply “trust me, even if you don’t date him he is going to be your best friend. God wouldn’t leave me alone until I told you.” That ladies and gentlemen was enough for me to agree to giving him my number. He called that afternoon while I was in class and I ended up calling him back at 6:31pm (yes I know the exact time… don’t judge me) and we have talked every day since.

Our first date was that Saturday, Feb. 12th and I was running a little bit behind but not by much. Maybe like 5 or 10 minutes? I can’t quite remember. I had a few other engagements that day and totally lost track of time. Besides, good things come to those who wait, right?! LOL I finally made it to Fuji Hana and I was SO nervous! I have NEVER been so nervous on a first date, date, casual get together… I have just never been that nervous on any type of (potentially) romantic outing. I pulled up and the restaurant was not open yet. Point 1 for me. I got out of my car and he got out of his and we hugged and HE HAD SOME NICE ARMS! *whew* Let me bring it back… Our first hug immediately made me feel comfortable and I was amped to see if we would have as great a connection in person as we did on the phone. We did. Our date was amazing and I found myself talking and laughing without any thought as to what was being said only that I was happy.

Yhanique was right. He is my best friend… and I cannot WAIT to become his wife on September 29th which is exactly 20 months to the day of when we officially met. I knew very early on that this was “it” because he treats me like his missing rib (shout out to Adam and Eve!)… He protects me and cares for me while allowing me to protect his most vulnerable parts. We’re a team… Team RnP ♥


So now that you know the back-story, I suppose we should let you watch their amazing wedding day happen!

What did you think? How amazing is Robert’s reaction when he sees his bride?
Confession time: I literally cried the entire time I was editing this film- I couldn’t watch it without breaking down in tears!

Robert and Petra, your love is moving, touching, and I think we all can say that Rob was right, a love like yours doesn’t come around everyday.

Congratulations to you both :D


And here are some of the wonderful vendors who made it happen!

Filmmakers: Imprint Cinema
Photographer: Stacey Cooney of StayanneseePHOTOGRAPHY
Reception Venue: Gainesville Woman’s Club
Planner: Chynna Clayton
Florist: Prange’s Florist
Cake Artist: Ms. Debbie’s Cakes
Gown: Solutions Bridal Designer House
Gown Designer: McCaffrey Haute Couture