This past summer we had the absolute joy of taking out first trip to California. We actually were wonderfully blessed to be able to go twice!

But this story starts long before we even thought about going to the west coast……

At the beginning of Imprint Cinema, I decided (after much careful research) that we should begin to choose some wedding blogs to be a part of in their vendor guides. This has become something about what we do that brings me a lot of happiness. Waking up every morning and having my first hour or so be consumed with my tea/coffee and looking a pretty things that are all about weddings is almost always one of my favorite part of my day.

So the first decision I made was to join the other incredible vendors on this fabulous blog I had found called Every Last Detail. Now if you know anything about me, it is that since then, we have become a very big part of the ELD family. Lauren is a good friend and possibly one of the most incredibly and amazingly influential people we have had the pleasure to know in these past couple years.

So fast forward to April-ish 2012….

Lauren created a place for all her vendors to meet, chat, and talk about teaming up to create some amazing things. So, I went to introduce us- lo and behold, the most hysterical post went up under mine. The last line of that post was “but I’m funnier on Twitter”.

So naturally, I had to go and look at the Twitter to which this post belonged and that was when I found Brynn D’Avello.

And, we instantly became cyber friends/insta-friends/facebookfriends…. And it was beautiful.

From there it was only a matter of time before we had to meet in person. That’s where Adrian and Mikki come into the story. We told Brynn and her husband Mike (who is also pretty freakin awesome!) that we had plans to head to the west and if they thought any of their couples might like to have us film their wedding.

Adrian and Mikki calld us a couple weeks later and after talking to them, we were absolutely smitten with these two!

After about a half hour on the phone we knew that their story was incredible and that we were going to love telling it! These two have known each other almost their entire lives- and not only that but they are two in a three-amigos. They share everything, even their lifelong best friend who was the maid of honor at their wedding.

These two captured our hearts and I am so excited to have their wedding film on our blog today!

And, for the extra good stuff, pop over to Mountainside Bride for the full feature of Adrian and Mikki’s wedding with the most incredible photos from D’Avello Photography!