It has been a while…

But I couldn’t be happier to be here right now on Christmas Eve to put this wedding film out there.

And here is why….

You see behind Imprint Cinema sits two people. We are married, and still very much in love, we are best friends, and our own worst enemies at times. We share everything-from joy to sorrow to guilt to immense happiness, we share in everything together. So you see, Imprint Cinema isn’t so much a company as it is the two of us-it is Alex and Samm-and we are Imprint Cinema. And we may not have realized this- or maybe we didn’t want to realize it until someone pushed us outside of our comfort zone. Some of you know the story and for those of you who don’t, we will shed some light very soon.

But, it was the best thing that could possibly have happened for us, for Imprint Cinema, and for the countless couples that we care so so much about.

So here we are- thinking new, excitement new, experience new, but wondering if anyone would trust in us and believe in us enough to let us take them out of the box with us.

And that is where Lauren and Patrick come in.

I won’t ever forget the phone call-and how nervous I was to even ask that someone trust in me enough to take their wedding film to a place we hadn’t yet tried to go- to be our first step. I was terrified to call, sitting in the cold car with the AC blowing my hair into my face as I stared down at Lauren’s phone number in the middle of the Nevada desert. And then I pressed call-and I waited-and her voice-mail picked up. I was relieved but anxious as I began to speak my message.

When Lauren called me back I was equally as nervous-I spoke quickly, shakily I am sure, but then from the other end this exited giggle came through the phone and I started to tear up (which I’m not sure anyone but Alex knew until now). I was not only incredibly relieved but absolutely touched that she-having not even known us a year-would trust us to try to create something new out of her special day, to go the extra mile for her.


Well, the rest is history and a few dinner dates and coffees later, it was time for the big day.

Lauren and Patrick, we knew that they were our kind of people and that was what first drew us to them. They were family driven people who loved their large, loud, and amazing families. And their wedding day was the most important day for the two of them because this was the day that they were officially melding their two families into one.

“The brothers” and the whole Lashbrook Clan knew Lauren was going to be sticking around forever when Pat brought her home to south Florida for the first time after they’d only been together a short while and she fit right in, giving Will and Peter just the right amount of guff back and taking everything in stride. They loved her and knew they had to do everything in their power to not let Pat let her get away.

And the Barley clan was equally impressed with how well Pat took care of Lauren and understood what she needed when she was having a freakout moment and he just listened and took it all in and loved her even more afterwards. They saw in him the yin to her yang. These two were meant for each other and we were so honored to be a part of their day.

As Imprint Cinema grows not only as a company but as two married people, we have made some changes to our films and Lauren and Pat trusted us with their story and telling it in a new and exciting way. We are and have always been story tellers and we want all our couples to have the best film they can have and see their story told within it.  As we grow we are evolving to share not just each couple’s story on their wedding day but the days leading up to it and afterwards to not just tell the story of a wedding day, but of the couple, of two people completely in love.

So cheers to Lauren and Pat and thank you for trusting us and honoring us by allowing us to be at your wedding and capture your memories.



Venue: Casa Feliz

Coordinator: CCH Events

Photographer: Corey Callahan

Cake: The YumYum Cupcake Truck