Who are we?

We are Alex and Samm, Samm and Alex, two married people who are madly in love doing something we love together.

We are attached at the hip, a little crazy (in the good way), and we absolutely adore capturing stories and creating artistic films.


I fell in love in Paris. I kissed my wife for the first time at the Eiffel Tower as its lights twinkled. Our life together is one giant cliche, but I love every minute of it. I love telling stories and that is why I love weddings. It is an honest story that in the end means something special to someone. Not just a story told to entertain, but told as a lasting testament. When I’m not filming weddings I love to go see movies, build legos to fill my desk, and in general hang out with my other creative friends. If I’m not busy shooting, I’m busy planning my next shoot. I feel more comfortable with a camera in my hand and my Samm’s hand in the other. And I’m a hugger.


The first time I met my husband I knew there was something special about him. I wanted to be around him as much as possible, spend all my time with him, I was fascinated by him, I wanted to be his best friend, and I wanted him to want to be mine too. I felt the same way the first time I walked into a wedding. All I wanted to do was to be in that moment forever, as much as possible, all the time. I wanted to bask in the abundant love and happiness that was absolutely contagious and I wanted to feel it down to my toes with every breath I took. Obviously each wedding comes to an end, but I am so lucky that the very feeling that made me fall in love with my job and with Alex, will never go away.

What is Imprint Cinema?

Plain and simple Imprint Cinema is the two of us- a girl who loves all things pretty, romantic, and meaningful; and a guy who loves to innovate, create, and learn- coming together and telling stories, love stories of the best kind. Imprint Cinema isn’t just a company, it is the two of us. Real people who want to take you out for coffee and hear how you met, how he proposed, and all about your plans for your future so that we can get to know you. We know that the best possible way to tell your story is to get to know you.

In other words:

Imprint (transitive verb): 1: to fix indelibly or permanently (as on the memory); 2: to mark by or as if by pressure or impress

Imprint Cinema means making something lasting. We are wedding filmmakers because this is our passion. Getting to know you and telling your story is what we love to do. You inspire us to create the best film possible for you. To go beyond just one day to find the little things hiding in your story so that we can create a lasting film for you to cherish for now and for always.

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